The Black Dog

I know I haven’t written anything since November. It’s because I’ve been depressed.

I’ve struggled with my depression for years now, and it’s been especially bad these past few months. I haven’t written anything–no short stories, no work on a novel, no poems. I’ve had no motivation and no desire.

In August, I received some very good news. My first novel, Mr. Haunt, will be published by Dragon Soul Press in October of this year. This should be life-changing. I should be filled with glee. I should be extremely thankful and overflowing with plans for the future. I should be motivated to write another book.

But I’m not. Or at least, I wasn’t.

I feel some better now. I’ve started a new medication when it became apparent that nothing would save me from the pit I was in. Now, I want to play catch-up. I want to get back to the writing that I loved so much. I want to stop spending my time doing nothing but sleeping and eating. I want to live again.

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