As a white cisgender heterosexual male, I’ve never really had to worry about being discriminated against. My wife, however, has. She’s black. And I’ve learned some very valuable points-of-view from her. Through her, I understand that racism is a monumental challenge, and it’s one that needs to be eradicated with the most extreme of prejudice.

The current cultural climate in this country is one of shouting that message from the rooftops, over and over again, until those in power listen and act on it. I’m so ready for this. Systemic racism has been a problem since this country’s inception–even farther back than that, considering that white supremacy has been the order of business for almost every first world country for at least part of history.

Basically, it’s time for somebody other than white people to call the shots. It’s time for white people to sit back, listen, and learn. It’s time for white people to help from behind the scenes instead of shining in the spotlight. It’s time for white people to use their privilege to lift others up instead of (knowingly or not) benefitting from it themselves.

It’s time to finally build that post-race society we all like to think we live in.

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